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Rules after tooth extraction

Rules after tooth extraction
  • Do not flush. Flushing could remove the blood clot and expose the bone and cause very painful inflammation. The blood clot is actually a plug that prevents food from settling in the wound after extraction, over time it turns into bone.
  • In the first hours after extraction, do not eat and do not smoke for a few days ( smoking can complicate wound healing after extraction).
  • Maintain oral hygiene.
  • Avoid hot drinks (they can worsen swelling and promote wound bleeding).
  • Maintain a restful regime (no sports).
  • Preferably no alcohol.
  • Dampen pain with stronger analgesics (Aulin). The first analgesics should be taken while the local anaesthetic is still working.
  • It is advisable to apply cold (not ice) compresses or ice cream without nuts.
  • If there is increased soreness, fever, swelling or any other problem, it is necessary to see a dentist.